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Success Stories

What Parents and Caregivers Say About The Appalachian Reading Center, Inc.

Success Stories: Testimonial

There are no words to express the gratitude I have for Lori and everyone who has worked with my granddaughter at The Appalachian Reading Program.  She has made dramatic progress in her reading ability and overall academic achievement.  It is like a profound miracle that in a little over one year she went from reading 9 words a minute (facing retention) to 138 words a minute, which is well over benchmark.  Maddy's self esteem and self confidence is inherently linked to her reading success.  The most endearing attribute is --- she LOVES to read!!!  Thank you all and I will be forever indebted to your skilled and loving service."

Maddie's Grandmother

Just a short note to express our gratitude for the energy and genuine interest your team has invested in our daughter.  We have seen a world of difference in her reading skills and in turn an improvement and interest in school.  It is so fulfilling to see her just sitting around reading a book instead of the constant nagging that went on prior to your help.  She has truly turned a page and moved forward, thanks to you.  We are forever indebted.

Karla's Mom

Our son had qualified for the Promise Scholarship late last year with one exception; his ACT score in reading was at 15 and needed to be 20 or more.  We attempted to get approval for a time exemption for taking this part of the test but were not successful.  We enrolled him with The Appalachian Reading Center in December 2009.  He took the ACT test again in February 2010 and raised his test score in Reading from 15 to 21.  He now met all the qualifications for the West Virginia Promise Scholarship and he is enrolled at West Virginia University this fall.  We believe that the help he received from the reading center was a great help in helping him attain the score needed in the ACT test.  Thanks for your assistance with our son.

Corey's Dad

Thank you for sharing your gift of teaching with Peter.  You have taught him the skills for reading and also the priceless love for reading.  The impact that each of you has had on him, now and in the future, can never be measured.  He has the chance at so many different opportunities that he wouldn't have had without your influence."

Peter's Mom

I home school my children, and although I've taught all four to read I struggled with how to help Gilbert.  He seemed to always be just "keeping his head above water" in his subjects.  Many times I would spend time reading material in other subjects to him just to get the information in him because of his issues with reading.  Since coming to ARC he comes out of every class with a smile and now picks up books he would have asked his younger brother to read to him a year ago.  Having three other children means we would not have been able to afford ARC without a scholarship.  We are so thankful for the scholarship we receive because it means Gilbert can become the young man God intended him to be with less frustration along the way.

Gilbert's Mom

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