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Screening & Assessment

The first step is to read about our Enrollment Process and decide whether or not The Appalachian Reading Center, Inc. is right for the student. 


If so, print out and complete the Intake and Student Information Forms and send them along with the $240 intake fee.


Once we receive your form and intake fee, the Director will call to schedule an intake appointment with the student.


At the intake appointment, which generally takes about an hour, the Director will administer a variety of screening tools to determine strengths and weaknesses. This will not provide an official diagnosis.


The intake is done in a non-threatening, supportive manner and is not treated as a “test” or something to be feared.


At a follow-up meeting, the Director will explain the screening tools that were used, and discuss tutoring options.


Individual Tutoring

If your child has a language-based learning disability (diagnosed or undiagnosed),

instruction will be effective when it is consistent and frequent.


Over time, your child will make marked improvements in reading and spelling.


We do not promise a “quick fix” to reading problems, nor do we claim to “cure” reading problems or dyslexia.


With appropriate instruction, hard work and support from highly trained teachers and committed family members, individuals with reading problems can succeed in school and later in life.


Tutoring sessions are either 25, 40 or 50 minutes long, and can be scheduled during the day (frequently done for home schooled or college students), afternoons, evenings and Saturdays.


Students must schedule at least two sessions per week. We offer more intensive instruction during the summer months.


Small Group Tutoring

The director will determine if your child is able to thrive in a group of 2-3 students. If so, your child may be scheduled with other students.


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